Man Needs Cave

from by The Best Reception

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"Every modern ape needs to swing through landscape
that once was wet and green."


MAN NEEDS CAVE – Kurt Chaboyer

Gm D7 Eb F Bb….Bb

Verse !:
Bb Gm D7 D7
Kill the lights when you leave.
Eb F Bb Bb
This man, he don’t want you to see.
Bb Gm D7 D7
He’s gonna jump, jump and fall,
Eb F Bb Bb
Run this heart along his sleeve.
Eb F Bb D7 Eb Eb
Every Neanderthal, needs a place that he can call,
Bb F Bb Bb
Home from those more highly evolved.

Verse 2:
If he grins and bears his teeth,
Give him his millennium to grieve
Far from Carlos and Jesus,
Where he’s the fittest on the loose.
Man needs cave, where he ain’t no slave,
Where he can do no wrong.

Eb F Bb D7 Eb Eb
This glyph represents, this picture reads
Eb F Bb D7 Gm Gm
These figures run, these colours bleed.
Gm D7 Gm D7 Eb Eb
This engine needs the dark to locate the spark
Bb F Bb Bb
And bring it in a lantern that’s true.

Instrumental (like half a verse):
Bb Gm D7 D7
Eb F Bb Bb

Verse 2:
She’s all cute, and she’s the one.
She goes to forage in the sun.
Her slender figures and her thumbs,
Give her the grip to get things done.
A corner needs two walls, a phone needs calls.
I don’t hear it ring.


Gm D7 Eb F Bb….Bb

Verse 3:
And reflected in her knife,
is how science saves a life
And how its method is betrayed
By sudden rattlesnakes and earthquakes
Every modern ape needs to swing through the landscape
That was once wet and green.


Gm D7 Eb F
Gm D7 Eb F Bb 


from Accidents with Girls, released March 14, 2016
Kurt Chaboyer, words and music. David Ratelle, guitars, arrangement. Nataq Huault, sound engineer.



all rights reserved


The Best Reception Montreal, Québec

Chamber orchestra songs for your quarters. The baritone voice of Kurt Chaboyer. The award-winning fingers of classical guitarist David Ratelle. Double bass, cello and accidents with girls, for evenings when reception is best.

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